Ms. Tiep

Ms. Tiep is the Chairwoman of the cooperative. She was one of the first women who took the sewing class in 2008. She has been a sewer and a leader of a sewing group ever since. She joined the single mother's group when it was first formed back in 1996.

Tiep's life as a single mother has not been easy. She was 20 and six months pregnant when she left the army. Her family disapproved of her and told her that she was rotten. Her mom would beat her if she answered back. Eventually she kicked her out of the house.

Many men wanted to marry Tiep but she was determined that the best thing she could do was to secure a plot of land and to have her own place to raise her child. She wanted to prove to her family and the community that she was capable of supporting herself. She built her house and run the electrical all by herself, she didn't want to ask any men for help in the fear of upsetting their wives.

Now Tiep is a happy grandmother. Her daughter has a good job and she appreciates everything her mom has done for her. Eventually Tiep's own mother accepted her choices and she has become affectionate of her again.