Ms. Thanh

Ms Thanh

Ms. Thanh joined the Tan Minh single Women’s Cooperative in 2012. An event that changed her life for the better, because she finally received the economic and social support that she’d wanted for so many years.

In 2001, while working in the fields, Ms. Thanh was given news that her husband had been in an accident and did not survive. The devastation of his death was too much. And how would she earn enough income to provide for herself and her two young sons now? It became so difficult to picture a successful future. But the young widow kept on, collecting scrap metal from local villages for years.

After Ms. Thanh was introduced to the Cooperative, she was able to receive a microloan and raise some cattle. But her new success was quickly interrupted. Her youngest son was involved in an unfortunate accident and needed brain surgery. The surgery was not a complete success though, and he was left with a paralyzing condition called hemiplegia. 

These events have seared a scar on the heart of Ms. Thanh. Although she is more than grateful that her first born leads a life of health and ease. And that her second son works laboriously to improve his condition to hold a job successfully. She knows that life can be strenuous, but also beautiful in more ways than one.