Ms. Van

Ms Van

Ms. Van has also been in the group since 1996. She is responsible for silk cutting and quality control. 

Ms. Van got married in 1981. After two years she found out that her husband had a child with another woman. She left him and went live with her parents. Her dad told her to give her son to his father to rise. She followed his advise because she had no means to support for him. When she went to visit her son he cried his eyes out. She brought him back home.

Ms. Van's aunt gave her some unhusked rice to sell. She also gave her a cat. At the time there was a shortage of cats. She was selling kittens to make enough money to start a rice mill. She built herself a two-story house and opened a hardware and seed store. 

She is now a grandmother of two. Her son runs the hardware store that has become a successful business. 

Ms. Van dreams about traveling around Vietnam and the world. I would like to teach other women how to make their lives better.